Report Absence

    If your student is absent, please notify the school office by 8:00 a.m. 

    ​​​​​​​​​​​​Nederland Elementary

    Notification can be done by filling out the online form below.  You may also leave a message on the 24-hour attendance line at 720-561-4802.

    The online form below can also be used for prearranged absences.  All pre-arragend absence notification must be done at least two weeks prior to the absence.  In lieu of the online form, a Pre-arraged Absence Paper Form can be filled out and returned to the office.

    Nederland Absence Form

    Select a date from the calendar.
    Select a date from the calendar.

     BVSD School Attendance Policy

    ​Regular attendance in all classes is an integral part of the educational process. Students are expected to be in attendance every day school is in session as required by law and District policy. Participation in the classroom is a significant aspect of a student’s academic performance, and failure to attend is considered to be grounds for academic sanction. The student attendance policy should be carried out with the primary objective of encouraging each student to attend school regularly and to maintain academic standing.

    Excused Absences
    Excused absences mean absences due to temporary illness or injury, and any other reason deemed acceptable by the principal. In general, prior notice of absence from the student’s parent or guardian is required and the principal may require additional verification, such as a physician’s statement, when appropriate.

    Unexcused Absences
    Unexcused absences include all other absences. Prior knowledge and approval of an absence by the student’s parent or guardian and/or prior knowledge of an absence by any school employee shall not excuse the absence without acceptance by the principal.

    Tardiness is defined as the appearance of a student after the scheduled time that a class begins and is considered a form of absence. Without proper excuse, tardiness is considered a form of unexcused absence. Minutes of unexcused tardies will be included in the calculation of total unexcused absences.

    Notification of Absences
    Schools shall establish a system of monitoring individual unexcused absences. Schools shall make a reasonable effort to notify parents or guardians when students are absent without prior authorization. When appropriate, such notices should be individual and may be made by computer-generated calls. Form letters may also be used. Notices should be explicit as to the District’s definition of excused absences and the primary concern of encouraging attendance.

    Regular attendance is an educational requirement of all classes in the schools. Unexcused absences may subject the student to appropriate consequences. These may include disciplinary measures and/or the imposition of academic sanctions. In addition, the maximum number of unexcused absences a student may incur before the District may initiate judicial proceedings to enforce the compulsory school attendance law is four unexcused absences from school or class in any one month or ten unexcused absences from school or from class during any school or calendar year.

    As an academic sanction for unexcused absence, schools may reduce or deny course credit. Any such sanction, however, must be rationally related to an educational purpose.

    Students are responsible for all class work missed due to absence. The teacher shall make educationally appropriate provisions for completion of missed class work. Credit for class work missed due to excused absence shall be allowed when satisfactorily completed. Credit for class work missed due to unexcused absence or truancy shall not be allowed unless specifically permitted by the principal. Whenever a student becomes subject to reduction or loss of credit due to absence, the school will make a reasonable effort to notify the parent or guardian so that remedial action may be considered. However, school attendance is the joint responsibility of the student, his or her parent or guardian, and the school, and the failure or inability to give such notice shall not bar the imposition of the sanction.

    Students will be readmitted to school after an absence. However, readmission may be conditioned upon receipt of written or oral notice from the parent or guardian explaining the absence.

    When a student has been under a physician’s treatment, the school may require the physician’s statement that the student is sufficiently recovered to return to school without creating any risk to the student or other student.

    Habitually Truant Students
    An "habitual truant" shall be defined as a student of compulsory attendance age who has four unexcused absences from school or from class in any one month or ten unexcused absences from school or from class during any school year. For purposes of determining whether a student is "habitually truant", absences due to suspension or expulsion shall not be counted in the total of unexcused absences.

     In order to reduce the incidence of truancy, parents of all students shall be notified in writing at the beginning of each school year of their obligation to ensure that all children of compulsory attendance age attend school. Parents shall be required to acknowledge in writing awareness of their obligations and to furnish the school with a telephone number or other means of contacting them during the school day.

     When a student is declared habitually truant, the school shall, in cooperation with the student and parent, guardian, or legal custodian, develop a plan to assist the child to remain in school.