Mission & Vision


Nederland Schools educate, empower, and enable all students to become culturally, socially, and environmentally responsible, preparing them for college, careers, and beyond. Students become contributing global citizens who think critically and thrive in an ever-changing world.


Nederland Schools are nurturing, safe, and engaging environments for all students. Students embrace diversity while treating others with respect and compassion. Students use grit and perseverance to solve problems creatively, improving the world around them. Students are inspired and curious lifelong learners.

Nederland Elementary School’s Core Values

Core Value #1:

Lifelong Learning, Creativity, Fun, and Passion Matter

Learning is an adventure.  We want to be known for innovation, integration with the natural environment, and 21st-century learning. If teachers are passionate and creative, kids will have fun, learn, and foster their own lifelong curiosities.  We expect our students to learn each day – we will do the same. 

Core Value #2:

Trust, Accountability, and Respect

Trust occurs through infinite communication and nurturing relationships.  We will do our best to communicate and be accountable to our agreements. We also accept the reality that we are human and mistakes will be made.  We will choose to forgive one another’s mistakes, commonly grow and learn together. We will respect the entirety of our school community by being open-minded and honest.  When conflicts arise, we will demonstrate respect by assuming a positive intent, going to a singular source, and gracefully solving the problem at hand.

Core Value #3: 

Focus on Consistent High Expectations of Teaching and Learning

We will consistently have high expectations of ourselves, our students, one another, and our community. Our school staff is responsible for defining high expectations and making sure those expectations are achievable, supported, and met.  Everyone will feel safe and students will thrive when we are consistent with these expectations. We will spend our energies focusing on questions that matter. We will choose to collaborate with one another in order to improve our professional practice.  Our collaborative efforts will lead to deep and broad positive impacts on learning and professional practice. We will affirm one another and remember that we are together in our challenges and celebrations. 

Core Value #4:


At Nederland Elementary, the whole child matters.  We will foster each child’s individual spirit. This means that our work and our approach to work will reflect fair, just, and compassionate understanding and insight. We believe that all students should have the opportunity to feel success socially and academically.  As such, we acknowledge that each child’s pathway to success will be different and we will strive to understand each child’s unique needs.