Weather Related School Closure


    School district officials have a responsibility to keep schools in session except under the most extreme conditions. Road and weather conditions vary significantly across the school district. Parents should make the decision regarding attendance or late arrival of their children if weather and road conditions are a concern. A personal contact by the parent or a written note to school officials will excuse a student's late arrival or absence during these conditions.

    When severe weather is predicted for the Boulder Valley area, district officials monitor conditions closely, check road conditions along bus routes, and consult with county and state officials prior to making a decision to close schools. Notification of school closure is given prior to 5:30 a.m.
    If it is necessary to close schools, the district immediately does the following:
    • Post a notice on the front page of the district website at
    • Contact local radio and television stations to report the cancellation
    • Send an email to all parents and staff who have email addresses on file.
    • Send a text message to parents and staff who have opted for service through Contact Manager
    • Send a tweet through @BVSDalerts and @BVSDcolorado Twitter accounts
    • Post a notice on the BVSD Facebook page

    Please visit the district website for more information about weather closures and the​ emergency notification system.

    Thank you,
    BVSD Communications​​