School Accountability Committee (SAC)

    View our school goals and what is being done to help our school achieve them

    ​Colorado state law requires that every school has an active School Accountability Committee (SAC). The purpose of this representative advisory committee--comprising parents, teachers, principal, administrators and community members--is to look at school goals, drive school improvements in academics and climate, and review school budgets.

    ​For further details of the role of SAC, please visit the BVSD DAC/SAC website and read the comprehensive SAC H​andbook that was created by BVSD’s DAC Communications Subcommittee.
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    SAC 1-24-18.pdf
    SAC Meeting Minutes – November 26, 2018.pdf
    SAC Meeting Minutes 10-21-2019.pdf
    SAC Meeting Minutes– January 14, 2019.pdf
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    SAC Minutes 8-28-18.pdf