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Social Emotional


 Social-Emotional Learning at NES

Social Emotional Learning at NES (May 11 -15, 2020)
     In the midst of a global pandemic, children are yearning for a meaningful way to end the school year. Here are design elements for a DIY celebration/ Rite of Passage ~ Creating Closure for Children during this Wacky Year 

     If your kids are climbing the walls and acting out, boredom and sheltering-in-place are not the enemy. Try validating a child's emotions or enhancing their underdeveloped problem-solving skills.  Here's how at:  Responding to bored, needy kids during a pandemic 

   Help your child think outside of their own four walls during COVID-19. Empower kids to act compassionately by choosing from 5 different Acts of Kindness targeting their neighbors or elders in our community.  Read more at:  Teaching Kids about Kindness and Compassion during COVID-19

     Being together indefinitely during a pandemic may increase the number of family conflicts.  Siblings may bicker about this, that, and everything.  Parents and children may struggle over the new routine.  Spouses and partners may be feeling extra tension between themselves.  Students are learning the steps for collaborative conflict resolution in this week's online BrainWise lesson.  But now is also a good time to acknowledge how conflicts between partners can impact our children who may be caught in the crossfire.  Read more at:  Can you Make a Fight with your Partner into a Positive Learning Experience for your Child?

 HELP!  "I know I'm not being the best parent I can be right now.  But I just feel so overwhelmed."  

Take charge of your fear and anxiety with some Simple Daily Habits that will reliably help you feel more energized, more calm, and less overwhelmed during the pandemic.  Find concrete tips in Stress Relief for Parents during Quarantine

Safety is the brain's most basic need, followed closely by connection.  That's why you may be witnessing more challenging behaviors from your child during the stay-at-home orders.  Here are Five (incredibly helpful) Quarantine Survival Tips for Parents.  

New Resource for Mountain Strong Families during the pandemic ~ a listening ear when you need it most.   Support Line begins Monday, March 30th.


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17 June 2020