Social Emotional Skill Building

    ​The Brainwise framework teaches children ten "wise ways" to help identify feelings and cope with them effectively.


    At Nederland Elementary School, we want all of our children to feel emotionally grounded, have strong social skills and know how to express themselves, know how to lower the drama in their lives, resolve conflicts and maintain healthy relationships.  We want our children to make solid choices, to face life's challenges with confidence, and to SHINE!  

    NES and Teens, Inc. have paired together this year to begin lessons for a Social Emotional skill-building program starting January 2016.  Ann Sherman, our Parenting Matters Coordinator, will be sharing tips for parents.  Please follow the links below to access this information.

    From Patti Schrader regarding Mindfulness at NES:

    As a result of the success and your support of our morning Moment to Pause, I am excited to announce that I have been given the opportunity to extend this program to other schools including Ferron Elementary in Clark County Las Vegas, Nevada. We have been working together for over a month to make this happen there and in light of the recent tragedy, it is more important than ever to bring this method of mindfulness to a community in crisis. I look forward to the opportunity to bring some comfort and peace to their school and appreciate Nederland Elementary parents, students and staff for paving the way for this chance to help. Without your continued support and encouragement, this would not be possible. I’ll continue to make Moment to Pause at Nederland Elementary a focus as I work to expand the reach of this important work. If you know a school in need or interested in our program you can find it at

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    Growing the Whole Child.pdf   "Growing the Whole Child" --  Kids need opportunities to develop different kinds of intelligence.   Carol Dweck's research (  demonstrates that parents can help kids grow their brains in a variety of areas. READ MORE:  

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    For more information, please contact Ann Sherman at or 720-561-4861.